20 Steps to Dominating Your First Marathon

Running races are always a bucket list favorite. They’re basically up there with skydiving, traveling the world and dying your hair blue (or is that just us?). This year, we wanted to make checking “marathon” off your bucket list easy.

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Fittr Helps You Get in Shape with Varied, Voice-Guided Workouts

iOS (Android coming soon): Fittr is a mobile app that helps you get and stay motivated to get in shape and find workouts that you can do safely. Those workouts adapt to you over time, getting more challenging as you progress, and backing off if you have trouble. Fittr isn’t alone in this space.

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5 Time-Crunched Run Sessions

If you’re like most runners, there are days when you just don’t have enough time to do the workout you had planned. The question then becomes: Should I try to squeeze in something super short—or not even bother?

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